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Welcome to the Christmas concert in Gamle Logen!

Christmas concert with MJB in Gamle Logen 2015

Buy tickets at Gamle Logen ticket office, telephone +47 22 33 22 66
or +47 22 33 44 70 (kl. 9:00 - 15:00). E-mail:

Also available at Billettservice, telephone +47 815 33 133.
Download flyer here.

Tickets can be picked up at Gamle Logen, Post offices or at Narvesen.

Tickets are also sold at the door from 18:30. In order to get good seats you should be inside before 19:00.

The latest CD!

MJB & Topsy Chapman - Live at Oslo Concert Hall

"MJB & Topsy Chapman -- Live at Oslo Concert Hall" (MJB5)
Record number 13

This record was made from Magnolia Jazzband's 35th anniversary concert in Oslo Concert Hall, September 8th 2007.

Musicians on this recording:

Magnolia Jazzband 
Anders Bjørnstad - trumpet, Georg Michael Reiss - clarinet and alto sax, Gunnar Gotaas - trombone, Håkon Gjesvik - grand piano, Arild Holm - banjo, Per Hobbel - string bass and Torstein Ellingsen - drums. 

Topsy Chapman - vocal
Morten Gunnar Larsen accompanies on "Muddy Waters".

From the liner notes:

The 35th anniversary concert was a great success. The audience also had the benefit of hearing Magnolia's former pianist, the one and only Morten Gunnar Larsen, accompanying Topsy on "Muddy Waters". We took the liberty of sending a test copy of the resulting CD to Butch Thompson, asking him what he thought. Butch wrote:

"The partnership of Topsy Chapman with the Magnolia Jazzband is magic. Ms. Chapman brings that to all her performances, but with these guys you know there is something very special going on the moment she walks onstage. New Orleans music is all about connections between people, and the easy way the music comes together on this CD is born of longtime friendship and respect. Everybody is happy to be there, and it shows.
The Magnolia is simply one of the very best old-style New Orleans groups on the scene today. These tracks taken from their ambitious 35th anniversary performance at the Oslo Concert Hall in late 2007, are testimony to their remarkable cohesion. It's all about teamwork. Yes, they are fine soloists, but it all works so very well because they have mastered the art of the ensemble, the true basic of the music they have immersed themselves in for so long.
A Bonus here is the magical duet by Topsy and the superb Norwegian pianist Morten Gunnar Larsen, who made a cameo appearance that evening. The tune is Muddy Water,  well-remembered both for Bessie Smith's classic 1927 recording and for its dramatic performance by Thais Clark in Vernel Bagneris' hit off-Broadway show One Mo' Time. Like Ms. Clark, Topsy Chapman was a member of that show's original cast, but her performance here is entirely different from that of Ms. Clark, whose intense performance regularly stopped the show. For Topsy, it's something else: Intense, yes, but in her own very different, more relaxed style, finely and sensitively phrased and perfectly accompanied by the versatile Mr. Larsen, whose perfectly chosen tempo and sensitive playing are, as always, a marvel."

(Butch Thompson, born 1943, is a master of traditional jazz piano, and also plays an excellent New Orleans style clarinet. We recommend visiting

We would like to congratulate Topsy and Magnolia on this new CD, a wonderful follow-up to the superb album "Fine and Mellow", BCD-320! And many thanks to Butch for his willing contribution.

Oslo, July 31st 2008

Thor Valeur and Ragnar Vik